Under Azerbaijani law: a license is an official re-cord permitting relevant types of entrepreneurial activities to a legal entity irrespective of its organisational and legal form, as well as to a natural per-son engaged in entrepreneurial activities without the creation of a legal entity. There are 37 types of business activities requiring a license.

A license is granted without discrimination to any entity that satisfies the requirements for that specific license. Thus (with certain exceptions), foreign investors may obtain licenses under the same conditions and in accordance with the same procedure as Azerbaijani nationals. A licensee may not transfer a license to another person.

A person willing to carry out licensed entrepreneurial activity should either create a legal entity or register as an individual entrepreneur, i.e. become a “sole proprietor”, and then apply for a license. An applicant is required to submit all documents specified in the regulations and pay the fee. The list of documents required to obtain a license is exhaustive. No other documents may be demanded from a business to issue the license. Provided the application meets all requirements, a license is issued within 10 business days. Licenses are issued for a life-long period with no fixed term.

A new law “On Licenses and Permits” adopted on 15 March, 2016 sets out a system of permits. According to the law, a “permit” is an official document (permit, approval, certificate, accreditation, etc.) granted by the authority responsible for issuing the permit for the purpose of the fulfillment of the relevant entrepreneurial activities or certain actions in connection with the implementation of entrepreneur activities. The list of permits includes 86 types of commercial activities.

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